Electric Vegetable Cutter

A big vegetable slicer that is suitable for professional use, food and gastronomic industries and ships. Fruits and all kinds of raw or cooked vegetables (except for salads) can be easily sliced, chopped, diced and shredded. Moreover, it can grate bread, cheese (including mozzarella) and dried fruit.


Up to 50~450 kg/h

The output varies according to the disk thickness and the interchangeable feeding systems used (driven hopper or free hopper or 4 mouths hopper)


-Construction Features

Machine Body is made of aluminum

Machines built with high corrosion-resistant materials Interchangeable accessories made of stainless steel and nickeled bronze that can be easily disassembled for cleaning or change



Protected by a watertight housing which is easy to clean

Thermal protection of motor


Marine voltage available (220V-50/60Hz)

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