The One Stop Solution to your Galley/Laundry and Living Quarter's requirements. Founded since 1991 Kang Li Far East is the specialist in the production and supplies of high quality Marine rated Laundry equipment & Cooking equipment.

KANG-LI as a company with her dedicated and knowledgeable staff has established a reputation for high quality manufactured products amongst many ship owners thus enabling her to increase and capture world wide market share over her established years.


Galley Equipment

Our comprehensive galley equipments are highly efficient in performance. Its rigid construction is capable and made to withstand the marine industry’s robust environment.

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Kang Li Far East Pte Ltd have over the years developed from her traditional ways of manufacturing and supplies of high quality Marine Rated Equipments and into the design consultant for their customers galley and laundry requirement.

Stengthen with this capability to design layout arrangement for the galley and laundry she have created a niche and value added her self in the capacity to develop the equipment and layout in accordance to the customers techincal specification.

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Oshima Galley Layout
Petronas Galley Layout
Ranhill Galley Layout
Ranhill Galley Elevation Layout
Ranhill Galley Piping Layout
Drydocks Galley Layout